David Worthington, Ph.D.

David Worthington, Ph.D. takes special care to understand the unique needs of each client. Dr. Worthington has worked with individuals, couples, and families in these roles:

Family Mediation
Parenting Coordinator
Professional Family Mediation,


Parenting Coordinator Services
David L. Worthington, Ph.D. has worked as a family mediator for 20 years. He has advised married couples, and worked with individual children of blended families.

Many of Dr. Worthington's patients still send correspondence thanking him for the help he has given their families through the years. 
David Worthington, Ph.D. has been appointed by various county courts in Oklahoma to advocate for the children of divorce. He has investigated and interviewed hundreds of families and extended family members as an advocate for the children. He conducts studies and files reports to the court about his findings and recommendations.
Offices of David Worthington, Ph.D. are located:

715 S. Husband St.
Stillwater OK 74074

13308 N. MacArthur Blvd.
Oklahoma City OK 73142

He can be reached by phone at:  405-210-4094