David Worthington, Ph.D.

Family Mediation
David Worthington, Ph.D. directs his attention to the unique needs of each area of his business. Dr. Worthington's most recent focus is on his Home Study Services in Oklahoma. Dr. Worthington can work with your attorney for private adoption or child custody home study.
Parenting Coordinator
Adoption / Child Custody Home Study
David Worthington, Ph.D. is currently involved in completing Home Studies for private adoptions in all Oklahoma counties. He is a certified Home Study Preparer, and is delighted to work with expectant adoptive parents to complete appropriate home studies required by the state for child adoption.

Visit www.HomeStudyServices.com for more information about Home Study for Child Custody cases or Private Adoption.
Professional Family Mediation,


Parenting Coordinator Services
Dr. Worthington has been assigned by judges in county courts of Oklahoma to be the official representative to the court in matters of child custody and visitation recommendations.  
Dr. David Worthington has been engaged in Family Mediation services for 20 years. He has specialized in families in crisis, blended families, and children with special needs.