Home Study Services
All of our home studies are efficient and timely.  We can also expedite your home study in less than thirty days with pending Court or other need for particularly fast results.
We are dedicated to producing an equal-opportunity, professional, and complete Home Study. Whether you are adopting a child or seeking child custody or guardianship, we can help you navigate this emotional time. We take care of the details so that you can focus on the important things: 
life, family, and celebration. 

Home Study Services will help you to complete the State of Oklahoma home study requirements for adoption professionally, and FAST. We will work directly with your attorney if there is an attorney involved. We are able to quickly produce a thorough family or individual profile, including all required background searches with supporting documentation and organize an impressive report presentation describing your unique strengths. We believe in equal opportunity for all potentially qualified parents, regardless of orientation or particular background.

David Worthington, Ph.D., now directs Home Study Services. Dr. Worthington has 30 years' experience as a child advocate and family mediator. He has worked through the courts representing the children in Oklahoma as a Parenting Coordinator in contested divorces. His current focus is on Home Study Services to further assist families and children with private adoptions and custody in Oklahoma. 

Dr. Worthington knows that an efficient and professional home study is key to timely adoptions. Dr. Worthington holds the Oklahoma communities in which he grew up in the highest regard, now using his communication skills to maintain the bridge between the courts and the families they serve. 

David Worthington, Ph.D. doctoral dissertation is available on Google Books. It was originally published in the prestigious Journal of Personality Assessment in 1985. Dr. Worthington's work is still cited in current psychological studies on the subject in publications such as the Educational and Psychological Measurement journal.

Today, Dr. Worthington focuses on home study for Oklahoma adoptions and child custody. You can contact him at 405-210-4094.

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*Home Study Services is fully operational during the Coronavirus shutdowns.