Home Study Services

EXPEDITED Adoption / Child Custody Home Study    $975

(Motivated Clients can be finished within 3-4 weeks including all background checks--1-2 weeks in immediate Court situations)
Includes all required documentation, study report, and summary recommendation. Additional fees for fingerprinting and background checks, if applicable, determined by the number of adults in the home.

One copy to you, one copy to your attorney
FAST Adoption/Guardianship Background Searches                                                                $375.

Post-Placement Study Updates        $575.

We wrap our home study services into one contract fee that includes all the required details for you. Don't think about multiple checks and worry about forgetting something important. You relax; we do the complete job for you.

At Home Study Services, we take special care to produce an expedited, 
effective and complete home study designed to exceed your expectations. 
* Additional travel fees may apply, depending on your location.  Fees are non-refundable unless Home Study Services cancel your home study without cause.

We can accept Visa, MasterCard, or personal checks for payment.

The typical adoption home study done by most providers seems to be a complicated process that takes months to complete. During that time, prospective adoptive parents wait anxiously, confused about what is happening (or not happening) seemingly endlessly and helplessly for the wheels to turn. This will not be your experience with us.

Home Study Services eliminates the anxiety of the home study experience by being timely, well-organized, and supportive. When you engage us to do your home study, you can be confident that you will know what is happening and when. You will be informed at each step, and the steps will be completed quickly. You will always know how things are progressing and can contact us any time with questions.  You will know you are getting our full attention through what can now be a fairly short process.

Getting an expedited home study from Home Study Services is an efficient and professional experience that you will appreciate. Call us with any questions you may have: 405-210-4094. Dr. Worthington will gladly speak with you personally about your home study process.