Home Study Services
Personal history
A description of your home and lifestyle, from our home visit and interview with you.
Health and home
Background data
What's included in the home study
We take pride in our presentation of the unique you in our home study. These are the sections included in your completed report from us. A Home Study Services report represents you as a multi-dimensional real family or individual -- not merely a flat case number.

Statements from your close friends and family about your parenting skills in action.
Indicating your ability to financially provide for a child.
Description of how a child may fit into your physical environment; and a statement about your health from your physician.
A short description from your employer describing your employment outlook; and a statement of medical insurance eligibility for your child.
Official results of Federal and state criminal, sex offender, violent offender, child abuse registry checks.

Financial statement
A summary conclusion supported by the facts in the study that may recommend you for adoption in the State of Oklahoma. The study is signed and dated by Dr. Worthington. 
Summary statement / recommendation
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