Home Study Services
How It Works
1. You can contact us by email:  DWorthingtonPhD@gmail.com
                          or by phone:  405-210-4094
                              or by fax:  800.820.3501
                      or though mail:  Home Study Services
                                              439 NW 16th Street
                                              Oklahoma City, OK 73103

2. We send you the forms and clear instructions by e-mail or with post-paid return envelopes and can immediately start your home study process.

​3. You return the initial information documents and can pay the home study fee by check or credit card.  See the Fees page for amounts.

4. We give you a list of convenient locations for the required fingerprinting, and manage collection of all of your required background checks. 

5. After you collect a list of required documents we will contact you to schedule your home visit appointment. 

6. Dr. Worthington will visit you personally in your home at your convenience, in a process that is comfortable and casual. You can allow 2-3 hours for a visit. 

7. Your completed study report will sent to you, and to your lawyer if you have one.
These are the steps we will guide you through:

While we are working for you: 

Dr. Worthington is flexibly available by telephone or e-mail, to answer any questions or update you about progress.     The overall process is well organized, fast, but always supportive and friendly.
Dr. David Worthington performs adoption homestudy services in Oklahoma quickly and efficiently to facilitate your private adoption. Ask your lawyer to work with Dr. Worthington to make your homestudy a positive experience. Let Home Study Services quickly guide you through the process of family evaluation and background checks to the ultimate in private adoption or child custody. There is nothing to dread when you remember that the homestudy exercise will provide you with a consolidated view of your family's readiness for a new member and source of joy.

There are many resources for you to explore during this time about homestudy services in Oklahoma. When you contact us, we can supply a list of good reading materials for you.
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